Brand concept

The company is located in Liupanshui city China water park, the inner city express, high-speed interchange near the airport expressway, from hangrui high-speed 4 kilometers, 1 kilometers from the airport. To 2.5 hours in Guiyang, Kunming,, Chongqing, 4 hours, Chengdu, 5 hours by car access pattern. Founded in May 2009, the registered capital of 30 million yuan. Existing staff of 60 people, including science and technology personnel of 10 people. Covers an area of 30 acres, plant area of 12500 square meters. Products are chopped pepper, pepper, pepper powder, fried bad pepper, bean paste 5 series, more than 40 kinds of varieties and specifications. Products are exported to Guangdong, Fujian, Yunnan, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Hongkong, Beijing and other major cities and 16 provinces. Exports to South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa and other more than and 10 countries. Guizhou has become the largest chopped pepper, chili pepper production, self import and export enterprises.
To 2016, the company's total assets of 60 million yuan, built covers an area of 30 acres, with an annual output of workshop production of chili powder and chili slices worse pepper production capacity of more than 10 thousand tons, inheriting the ancient Yelang flavor, with advanced technology production processes, installation of automation equipment, 2016 sales revenue of 70 million. Now our company has passed the pepper planting and processing industry to become the leading three precise poverty, driven by Liupanshui enterprises, has stabilized the number of existing pepper village, protect the enthusiasm of existing farmers, ensure the farmers' income; on the other hand, also eased because Liupanshui does not have a certain size pepper processing enterprises bring farmers pepper sales to look better, thus speeding up the pace of development of the farmers out of poverty, our company.

The company spirit of "do not forget the beginning of the heart, continue to move forward" spirit, for many years we respect sages and descendants, the pursuit of excellence and do not forget to help poverty, focusing on planting base to build the industrial chain. The company of "company + base + farmer" agricultural industrialization management mode, always as a responsibility to give back to society. The company vigorously implement the industry by the precise poverty alleviation, order agriculture, distribute seeds, plastic film and other means of production, free training, including people with disabilities, poor households 80 households so rich farmers to praise "the Fermented Chili pepper into a set up to become rich road, shook Qian Shu, a grain of chili 50 thousand rich farmers, now has become the hot pepper industry Liupanshui farmers to develop modern agriculture, farmers' income steady, accurate poverty and new rural construction pillar industry. From 2013 to 2016, according to Doug, successively with the Nankai, Dushan, river, left, Le Jia Ying Town, the old township 8 Township more than 5 thousand farmers signed the purchase contract (agreement), planting form planting base 2 acres, directly helping poor farmers more than 2000 households, 7000 people living in poverty due to pepper planting benefit farmers pepper per household average annual sales income of 8000 yuan of above. By the United Front Work Department of the United States and the Federation of industry and commerce as a thousand enterprises to help the village advanced units. The first through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and HACCP international food safety management system certification; 2015 was approved by the Liupanshui Municipal People's Government awarded the company "Liupanshui city leading enterprise" title; Guizhou Province Administration of industry and Commerce three consecutive provincial "the contract and trustworthy units"; "Liupanshui private science and technology enterprise"; Liupanshui City Economic and Information Committee supported a "municipal focus on small and medium-sized industrial enterprises"; by the Liupanshui Federation of industry and commerce system named the 2013 annual "outstanding members"; "Du aunt" trademark "Guizhou famous trademark", "Yelang people ginger garlic Fermented Chili" won the "brand-name products in Guizhou province is the eighth China; brand Festival named" Guizhou private enterprises brand products "; the third was mountain plateau characteristics of agricultural products The exhibition will be rated as "the most popular characteristics of agricultural products; Guizhou province was named the second peasant" venture star "; by the Liupanshui Municipal Women's business chamber of Commerce named" women's excellent enterprise model; to obtain the right to operate import and export and customs registration of import and export enterprises. The company product trademark "red mountain feast", "people of Yelang" won the "Guizhou famous brand" title. In 2015, he was named the provincial leading enterprise for poverty alleviation, and the provincial agricultural industrialization key agricultural enterprise". Provincial Women's demonstration base in Guizhou province. The company has "Du aunt", "red mountain feast" and "Yelang people" brand series, spicy spicy fresh ginger garlic Fermented Chili 2+2 series, series, series, spiced with chili pepper and pepper powder series, feature series, pan chili series, barbecue king series, bubble series, millet pepper potato plateau powder series, MSG series featuring a series of products. Now has 32 authorized patents, the patent is under review in the 10.

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Traceability system

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